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What We Do 

Life Refinement Therapies is an evolving education organism!  Our aim is to inspire you with natural health tools to feel peace in living life 

We encourage the development of deeper connection with in all types of relationships. Through self practise, reflection and celebration we work through life’s complication with compassion. We use awareness and strength practises to bring peace into the body, focus to the mind bringing joy to life.

Through Yoga, Meditation, Trauma & Emotional Energy Flow - we engage beings into feeling.

Our aim is to improve your health through the 'Aware Connection of All Parts and Pieces of your Life’.

Our vision is to see you grow out of small minded struggles that affect us living the deeper truth of our life

We share wealth through 

  • Relationship Mentor Conscious Conversations

  • Sense Awareness Mediation Modalities

  • Massage & Alignment Group and Private Sessions

  • Space Holding Yoga and Self Awareness Practises

  • Foot and Body Scrubs Bespoke Services

  • Organisation Service Packing | Decluttering | Fluid use of Space

  • Home Improvement We Create things with Wood

  • Child Wrangling Childcare Services

We work with

  • Your Body’s Energy

  • How Life Stress affects you

  • Dissolving Body Image Issues

  • Developing Relationship

  • Tiredness of life

  • Trauma & Emotional Energy Flow

  • Feeling Lost or Unsure

  • Lack of Motivation or Direction

  • Lack of Organisation

We are here to help!

We use the natural practises of

  • YOGA






There are many things we find hard to understand or fathom; whether in our body, our mind or in society ...

LIFE REFINEMENT THERAPIES gives you the anchors to come home to, tools to develop, with insight and understanding. 

Through movement meditation and sense training we awaken the BodyMind from trauma, negative holding patterns and blockages allowing you and your tribe to flow with energy that you are gifted with NOW

Results = Energy, Strength and Vitality 

Dripping Water Hollows Stone Not Through Force But Through Persistence
— ovid