What Others Say ...

"Natty helped me deal with some big life stuff, I feel my experience with her was a real turning point for me.  

I walked away significant shift in mindset - feeling renewed somehow, more open and less fearful. She is bubbly, persistant and insightful - definitely go see her" - Connor

"An afternoon with Natty can shift your perspective from helpless to hopeful.
When I arrived at her studio, there was a beautiful, welcoming vibe & delicious tea where we had a whole hearted conversation about LIFE and its mysteries.

Over the next few hours, this seamlessly flowed into some personal challenges I was facing & together we dissected some reasoning, methods & practices that would start to help refine my life.

Having a wealth of aryurvedic, yogic & toaist knowledge … along with her absolutely awesome attitude to life, Natty uses her magic hands to massage, understanding ears to listen & her beautiful brain to share wisdom. After a few hours you’ll feel grounded, but light….free-er, but in-tune…. and connected to your body, heart & nature.

Maybe it’s her uplifting laugh, maybe it’s her passion to wake people up, maybe it’s the sense-ational potions she makes into healing massage oils – or maybe it truly is… magic" - katy

"Natty gives out the most incredible uplifting energy and simply oozes passion for she loves and believes in - her workshops and classes would be highly beneficial to everyone" - Claire 

"This workshop (love yourself for liberation) keeps resonating in you long after you leave - I still randomly hear "anahata" (like the same way you have songs repeat in you head)" - Vicki

"Natty's classes are like nothing you have ever attended before. She's bubbly, passionate and fun and so are her classes ... but her classes are SERIOUSLY good for your body and mind. She doesn't run through a mechanical flow, where you know whats coming (boring) every class is different and you are excited to see what is coming next. You can feel the whole class gradually becoming more relaxed  and happy, as her personality seems to rub off on the whole class. You leave feeling like every inch of your body that was stale and creaky is now flowing and "juicy".

The world could be a much happier place if we all took time out to attend Natty's classes everyday"  - Emma

"There is nothing better than slowing down and breathing to relax and restore a tried body, 10/10" - Jon

"I really enjoyed experiencing Natty's expert knowledge and passion for what she does. A unique perspective influenced by Eastern and Western truths, delivered in an honest and accessible way" - Adele

"I especially really enjoyed my class last night with Natty (let go and meditate). She used these soft balls to work all our muscles from the base of our sacrum all the way up to our neck. I have had this bloody niggling pain to the right of my spine for ages that has totally gone today. It was incredible. We then did this chanting that at first felt strange but created this awesome energy between us all that was out of this world. She got us to totally connect with our body so specifically in a way I have never experienced before. I would love if she did that sort of class again, I would make sure it is there for everyone!" - Chanel

"Natty created a beautiful and nurturing space with yummy treats to take a peaceful and reflecting timeout from the busyness of life" - Sibylle

"Perfect first yoga class with Natty who was lovley and a great teacher! Loved the simple studio, smelt great and good music also. Looking forward to more classes" - Liv

"Roll and Release definitely helped me helped me to release, I learnt a lot that I will incorporate into my practice. Thanks Natty" - Geraldine

"Great teacher, patient and encouraging to all, really nice atmosphere" - Tim