Why should I brush my teeth ?

Cleansing these days has become a buzzword, like yoga, wellness and lets not forget organic.

When in fact these ‘rituals’ have been around for ever – but like all good things the label and the understanding around them changes and we may … loose what relevence they have or simply shy away from it as we become vexed with these ‘buzz words’.

Let me share you WHY it is important to cleanse.

Now those who know me are aware of my grass roots vibrations and those who don’t let me share. I was born at home, have never been to hospital and now for over 15 have not taken westernised medication for my health benefit. (This is one idea for living and we all have different ways to live but let me tell you … spending time and money on the things I want to do is much more adventurous than being at the chiropractor, physio, doctor hospitals etc).

So cleansing…

It is a ritual. It is imperative to our daily lives - from going to toilet, to sweating out toxins and … even releasing unwanted air through our tubes and tunnels.  ;)

These are all our bodies’ natural cleansing mechanisms; like all things that naturally occur in our body, sometimes they (you) need some encouragement. For when we engage ourselves in some kind of movement of the body we receive movement/release of the mind.

The body is a vessel, just like the home needs to be clean. With a vacuum, a wash, sometimes a handy man to help adjust things - our body needs a good once over regularly for prosperity - to ensure we may get on with the things we need to do in life.

After spending a lifetime analysing culture and tradition I have come to the conclusion that every culture is the same to some degree … if you look at the ritual for cleansing they either have kept it up or killed it out over time. So here are some little tips to keep in line

·      Floss and brush your teeth regularly

·      Focus on your breath, allow the whole body to be breathed

·      Heat the body through movement/sauna for those who are already high energy - this helps keep (us) calm

·      Scrub the body with a loafer – remove dead skin layers

·      Fuel the body - with as close to their natural form items from the most locally sourced produce to where you are

·      Open your mind to different points of view or ideas or learn – find new hobbies, groups, friends

·      Leave discussing other peoples methodology and politics – it shrinks the mind

·      Look up at the sky and notice how small you are in comparison this enable you to grasp the lack of importance ‘problems’ can appear as time, space and patience resolutions naturally appear

·      Be still while awake – whether seated or laying, increase your senses with no encouragement but being here in this heavenly place we are gifted to be together and share – planet earth

·      Laugh if you feel its all too much – vibration shakes up positive ions allowing you rid those which are blocking your natural energy