Why should I brush my teeth ?

Cleansing these days has become a buzzword, like yoga, wellness and lets not forget organic.

When in fact these ‘rituals’ have been around for ever – but like all good things the label and the understanding around them changes and we may … loose what relevence they have or simply shy away from it as we become vexed with these ‘buzz words’.

Let me share you WHY it is important to cleanse.

Now those who know me are aware of my grass roots vibrations and those who don’t let me share. I was born at home, have never been to hospital and now for over 15 have not taken westernised medication for my health benefit. (This is one idea for living and we all have different ways to live but let me tell you … spending time and money on the things I want to do is much more adventurous than being at the chiropractor, physio, doctor hospitals etc).

So cleansing…

It is a ritual. It is imperative to our daily lives - from going to toilet, to sweating out toxins and … even releasing unwanted air through our tubes and tunnels.  ;)

These are all our bodies’ natural cleansing mechanisms; like all things that naturally occur in our body, sometimes they (you) need some encouragement. For when we engage ourselves in some kind of movement of the body we receive movement/release of the mind.

The body is a vessel, just like the home needs to be clean. With a vacuum, a wash, sometimes a handy man to help adjust things - our body needs a good once over regularly for prosperity - to ensure we may get on with the things we need to do in life.

After spending a lifetime analysing culture and tradition I have come to the conclusion that every culture is the same to some degree … if you look at the ritual for cleansing they either have kept it up or killed it out over time. So here are some little tips to keep in line

·      Floss and brush your teeth regularly

·      Focus on your breath, allow the whole body to be breathed

·      Heat the body through movement/sauna for those who are already high energy - this helps keep (us) calm

·      Scrub the body with a loafer – remove dead skin layers

·      Fuel the body - with as close to their natural form items from the most locally sourced produce to where you are

·      Open your mind to different points of view or ideas or learn – find new hobbies, groups, friends

·      Leave discussing other peoples methodology and politics – it shrinks the mind

·      Look up at the sky and notice how small you are in comparison this enable you to grasp the lack of importance ‘problems’ can appear as time, space and patience resolutions naturally appear

·      Be still while awake – whether seated or laying, increase your senses with no encouragement but being here in this heavenly place we are gifted to be together and share – planet earth

·      Laugh if you feel its all too much – vibration shakes up positive ions allowing you rid those which are blocking your natural energy


New Year Grounding

Welcome to 2016! How exciting! I love new year they always have this air of freshness, good intentions, hope and openness to them ... They are a great times to get inspired, so this year I have decided to record a a YouTube channel as well as record classes and meditations for purchase so U can have a bit of "natty" vibes when ever you like where ever you are in the world .... this is the first meditation that I will share with you as it's also the meditation I led in the first class I taught of the year at My Asana in Vaucluse ... 


Peace and Mung Beans! 


natty xx

TRUST and the everyday

This week the word that keeps coming up is TRUST ... 

We all have had our trust broken in our lives. Its only up to us when we decide to stop the suffering and actually TRUST. The power of trust isn't just the mental capacity  'I trust so and so' or 'I trust that the everything is going to be alright' ... it goes deeper ... waaaay deeper. It goes so deep ... into our DNA ... roll with me ... So when we trust ourselves fully (this takes practice) we have the potential to release the unconscious tension (old betrayal) that is pent up in our energy bodies and can be seen and felt in YES our physical bodies. We carry this hypertonicity through our DNA from our relatives and these in fact can be the things that are holding us back. We may not be aware of them, we may think that certain behaviours are actually our personalities ... but they may actually be old stories and mistrust that no longer serves us but is holding in our bodies and in fact our true self may be a totally different being! How cool is that?

HOW YOU SAY? We are energy, mere vibration.  We are taught to see ourselves as solid (sometimes too solid structures). Our lack of trust in our body may be the key that is holding that extra weight or creating poor relationship choices or preventing us from happiness - seriously ... because when we trust ourselves, our body simply follows what we believe in ... when we run our lives from a space of fear (conscious or unconscious) then have blockages (inflexibility in body mind and action)

CAN I DO THIS? yes you can ... through TRUST!  we have the tools, we sure have the ABILITY so lets shake this tension from this deep structure and re create our DNA through our thoughts, actions and understanding ... 

HOW DO I TRUST? sit with yourself and yes - breathe! I mean truly recharge yourself with true honest loving inhales, deep down into your base. Feeling the space and openness of your organs, bones, entire body and energy body. Breathe in the TRUST you truly believe in your heart. Exhale out all the suffering. You can turn on some beats (below) and practice the art of TRUST through breath. Do this on a regular basis and you will notice difference of how the world opens up to you physically, emotionally and energetically 

till next time 

peace! xx

Finding Your Rhythm

This morning I woke up reluctant to get up and although it was hard I got up - WHY? not because I have to go to work ... but because that is MY rhythm. I have had to have a few late nights with early rises of late and it has taken me out of my rhythm. 

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ? It meant that I am always tired, lethargic, a bit moody, n lack motivation for anything ... now thats hardly a fun place to be - and today I decided that was enough! 

I got up went to for a swim, did some morning movement rituals ("my" yoga) and well I can say the small amount of surface rust that started to build over the past 10 days is lifting. 

i understand a lot of us have work and other commitments that take us OUT of our rhythm but let me tell you a little secret - every 10 mins you spend getting yourself back to your rhythm the better off you will be! 

HOW DO I FIND MY RHYTHM? we all are either 'early riser' or 'late nighters' and when we push ourselves to the other extreme we find stimulants to compensate our rhythm and deep inside our nervous system is crying - i mean really soppy wet sad tears! DO THE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU MOTIVATED - so get up that 10 mins earlier ... so thats what i did, today maaaay be a little off but tomorrow I know I will feel better - WHY? because I am a morning person. I accept this truly; to live with the sun means sooo much to me - my energy levels, my focus, lust for living - all benefit from being in that ... It also connects me with the greater forces - the elements; wave motion of fluids, natural spirals of energy, internal fire radiating love = connection. So it reminds me what I am here for - to connect, to be a beacon of light to see the light in others and reflect myself back at me = so in the true meaning of the word 'Namaste'



Some Days Just Daze

Beauty is waking up

So today I was a funny day ... I woke up at the standard 4:29am but I couldnt get up ... usually I am all like "zang, get me to mediation land" but today ... I was like "that dream was way too wacky I gotta stay in dreamworld a bit longer and wake up again" so I did just that ... Now dreams are something I am going to share about today as they make NO SENSE to me ... tell me this - who put a bunch of sparkly bindis in patches on a hill to then be with a few of my good friends who then fall into them, waking only me up to be then in a sports car's back 'bench' seat, legs flailing in the air, holding a bag with a half fighting fish, half frog in it with my best mate driving. he then needing to park in a no stopping zone in some weird city?? 

GO FIGURE ... well somedays feel like this ... as in what am I doing? where am I going? ... So its days like this I go wow I need some A. reflection, B. Grounding. 

There are many ways we can ground and reflect and so I am going to share with you the Natty ways to do this ... 

1. take myself for a dip in the ocean ... if there is no ocean ... an epsom salt bath is awesome

2. stamp my feet

3. seat in 'yogi squat' for 5-10 mins and breathe into my base and see the breath spiral up and down my spine

3. eat 'rooted' vegies ie carrots, sweet potatoes, double make sure not to over eat and drink plenty of water

4. pay CLOSER attention to my words, sounds, actions and speak slowly! (this allows me to really 'check myself' and where I'm at. its much more tolerable for the ego to handle me telling myself im being a twat than my best gf or let alone a stranger)

I am totally the spirited sprite round so its fun to dance all up in the clouds - but its a long way to fall if you don't root yourself regularly ... and to be honest you can fly higher the more your ground down ;)

till next time!

live the light in you and see the light in each other!

peace! xx

New Moon Creativity


So i am not one to pay attention to one specific element. ie the moon, the weather, the stars, gosh even the financial climate ... but sometimes life throws you around (this is one of those weeks) and things happen and you're like "woow, ok universe, stop shaking me and what are you telling me ... "

Let me set the scene - every time I have looked at my phone this week it has been 11:11, 12:12, 17:17, 20:20 ... now i am no numerologist but like come on ... that is a pretty interesting phenomena. Well I have chosen to see this as 'I'm in perfect time with the universe' as this means I am to post the first of Life Refinement Therapies podcasts Woohoo! 

Now that is all well and lovely but as wise philosopher Alan Watts says "we live in a life of polarities" so theres other tid bits going on ... but lets not get gritty when we are sharing this joy right now (lets give it the credit it deserves) 

so I am sharing with you the virgin voyage of Life Refinement Therapies Podcasts. 

Please feel free to share, comment, email, or give me an old school call if you want to discuss anything further. 

Till next post!

Be Awesome!