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A moment to Mark

Todays reflection is that of growth, that of prosperity and that of love.

For here we see I feel that it is the safest place to exist and the best place to move forward.

Over the past week I have engaged myself in a few new fears. It has been an awesome experience to witness myself in the space of fear and gently coax myself through it ... with pleasing results. 

You see the best part of breakthrough is that you actually break through something and on the other side is absolute joy or a better direction to move to .... so in saying this it is a sure way to feel better. 


Personally, I began a course. When the course is complete I will share the reflection.


Today I completed the editing of the published version of the book I have been working on for a lifetime now. It has been a awe breaking task that is finally ready to share. The great appreciation for the practise of writing, organising, reflecting, digesting and sharing with love has allowed humility and courage to be my guides. 


Allowing space to breathe, moments to reflect, making time to organise oneself gives greater gifts than anyone else offer through service. The act of self service is one to be honoured, respected and encouraged as the external world can tend bend our concept of the time we have to feel into our truths.

here I share with you one of my practises to help hear the little voice inside on how to move into our BIG DREAMS!  



[ratio: 1:2+] 

Enjoying the art of Slowing Down, 


natty xx

Addiction - Why has it been cursed ?

There is something that I dont understand in the world conversation and that is - why people make this really negative about "people dropping one addiction for another" when they talk about people changing ... I mean isnt it good that someone is passionate about something enough to be so focused on making it be apart of their lives till it sometimes kills them ... Isnt it subjective to the reader to what is "good and bad"  

I mean the truth in it all is ... passion|addiction is direct focus on thing and I feel in a world with so many options it is safer to be "addicted" to something than flitting around on the surface of all kinds of options trying to find the right combination or not really understanding what is the essence of the actions and subjects one is interested in ... 

I feel as the days turn and I change a hell of a lot ... but my addiction to understand things will drive me till the day I die to keep exploring. Whether it is a new hobby, a new craft, a new dish, or simply a different daily routine ... it is important to pick out what makes you tick and work out WHY you tick from that ... or why you use it to suppress the brilliance of you lustre. 

I say let us praise our addictions because if it is something we can not openly praise with those important to us - then we should at look at what we are addicted to ... cause as a social being we need to be able to share ALL OF US with those we choose.

Lets be healthy addicts to life, learning and loving our selves fully ... 

next topic - SELFISH and why I believe it is the key to be the best teacher and the way to master your student self ...