Mountains and Mantra

I LOOOOOVE the break of the day.

The colours, the smells, the sounds, the feeling of the cold earth beneath the soles of the feet ... all play a magical part to WAKING UP ... yes yes I am aware it is not for everyone ... and neither is Vegemite/Marmite or what ever vitamin rich yeast product you culture makes ... so if you are interested in playing more ... read on ... 

Mantra - ah vibration ... what we all came from ... what we loose when we pass through our body into the next breath of living. Why should I do this - ah that is simple ... you want to improve your mental physical creative health ? 


Why ? the clinical research behind this practise is It moves blockages from the whole body - what are blockages ... pain, bacteria, disease, calcifications, inflammations - the list goes on. 

What ? mantra is the repetition of certain "seed sounds" that their frequency resonate changing the structure of our DNA and RNA (advanced practice). 

Who ? anyone can mantra - just look at you humming those lyrics to the song on the radio ... why not make those vibrations of "song" mean something ... = natural medical health

Where am I going with this ... 


Now I share health as my passion. I have dedicated my whole life to health in some form ... 

growing up in a household with western medicine as the keystone to our family busy ness for the mother a general practitioner and the father a veterinary surgeon we became very hands on in their practices. Learning much from the mini witness' to their trades ...

It has taken me over 25 years to develop who I am and what cellular health issues I have healed through these practises and now I am boldly standing in my mountain posture and sharing more with those whom are willing to grow, evolve for reLOVEution!


love and sun shining 

natty xx