Monogamy - the one game

For many of us the word monogamy may bring up a few different feelings.

Some view it as vital others perhaps, an old fashioned obsolete way of being. Now over the years I have shifted my feelings towards this topic as I dive deeper in to the shadow nature of my being. With interesting results. You see - prior to the digging I was absolutely against monogamy. Seeing it as ‘outdated’ and a boring way of being - leading to narrow minded ways and mindsets … now well … allow me to explain.

Being a large character at life, I thrive on being around inspirational beings, hearing stories, sharing secrets and being real. Now many moons have past where I enjoyed learning about myself through others and sharing experiences together. Now being in a relationship where we are both very dynamic. We have chosen monogamy. This has allowed me to dig deeper into myself as I treasure the now time I have with myself and alone more than ever before.

Being with someone you love by being loyal to commitment presents all parts of me in front of me and the different style of relationships I need to have with myself. These previously “outsourced” to others … now learning to be there in the shadow with the body.

This in this way has allowed a strength internally to be realised.

When I stopped looking out for the ‘stimulation’ and turned it inward - phenomenal shifts happened. The external craving for attention, response, authentication, started to melt … Now I am no hero, I am experiencing life by living each day the way I feel I need to feel full of life … not with stuff and things - here now with light, compassion, patience finding peace in all that I being thrown, catching the lessons rather than fighting the futile competition of living … we are here to be in communion with one another … yet stand tall alone


Love and Sunshine

natty xx

Remember if you want a chat I am always here to call to discuss any ideas or thoughts that may be interrupting your view or outlook <3