Finding Your Rhythm

This morning I woke up reluctant to get up and although it was hard I got up - WHY? not because I have to go to work ... but because that is MY rhythm. I have had to have a few late nights with early rises of late and it has taken me out of my rhythm. 

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ? It meant that I am always tired, lethargic, a bit moody, n lack motivation for anything ... now thats hardly a fun place to be - and today I decided that was enough! 

I got up went to for a swim, did some morning movement rituals ("my" yoga) and well I can say the small amount of surface rust that started to build over the past 10 days is lifting. 

i understand a lot of us have work and other commitments that take us OUT of our rhythm but let me tell you a little secret - every 10 mins you spend getting yourself back to your rhythm the better off you will be! 

HOW DO I FIND MY RHYTHM? we all are either 'early riser' or 'late nighters' and when we push ourselves to the other extreme we find stimulants to compensate our rhythm and deep inside our nervous system is crying - i mean really soppy wet sad tears! DO THE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU MOTIVATED - so get up that 10 mins earlier ... so thats what i did, today maaaay be a little off but tomorrow I know I will feel better - WHY? because I am a morning person. I accept this truly; to live with the sun means sooo much to me - my energy levels, my focus, lust for living - all benefit from being in that ... It also connects me with the greater forces - the elements; wave motion of fluids, natural spirals of energy, internal fire radiating love = connection. So it reminds me what I am here for - to connect, to be a beacon of light to see the light in others and reflect myself back at me = so in the true meaning of the word 'Namaste'