Unwind the Mind Phuk

so I can barely believe my life at times! From working so many years on my own self worth I am now faced with the challenge of being that person. Being that person who i beloved since I was given this body! It was thrown around and bashed into society but it was suffering! It was in pain! It was hell!

Now the pain is different! It is not ouchy anymore .... I have been and will keep doing the work ... the work to let go of the mind Phuk - that bullsheet meter that clicks on when I turn out to the world of “made up” that Babylon that makes me feel like being lion! I am gentle I am graceful with a huge army of love buckets with me! As we all realised since the hippies in the 70s we are the next generation helping those out who feel and being strong for all of us! Phuk I can barely believe how much experience I am faced with when I let go of all those things I thought mattered .... I let go of labels - heck those who come to class with me know I can’t remeber your names -but your faces, your emotions I feel them and I feel for you! Everyday I wake up and thank the sun I am alive! I thank god I am god! As are we all, tiny little Buddha’s having this human experience. The more I feel into being the mentor of my little people the more love I see - the truth that we are one, but we are many! And from all the lands on earth we come! We share a dream! And sing with one voice .... I am you are we are Australian!  Welcome to the Golden Age kids .... take a look around! Take what you need to support the little guy inside running the show! Be aware I am here to talk to, be support, be open structured guidance for you. It’s not about money! It’s about being a space holder for you to feel safe! I can not change or help you! I can show you how to help yourself! And if you need me I am here!  

Love to all living beings alive this round!! 



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