I am not your orgasm

When instantaneous satisfaction is an unconscious presupposition in life then its no wonder that there is a serious state of mental confusion breeding lack of insight ... 

Over the past time I have been working and pondering about life and where this technological world is taking us.

There is so much protruding greatness so therefore must be a shadowy side.

I have been exploring the art* or more appropriately lack of art in 'fakin' it'. It has been an interesting practise ... knowing much wisdom but intentionally leaving out the key ingredient - embodiment (spirit/soul).

You see when the body is left in its many states of rigidity

  • stagnant movement (everyday movement pattern)
  • repetitive single line movement (practise of one type of sport) 
  • repetitive systematic movement (orchestrated movement eg yoga class)

it forgets about the 'truth strength' - instinct!

You see if we are faking it we have no instinct.  We are far from actually understanding the depth of where it comes from or has been created /seed*. It is here where copying, mimicking or "busy" really start to turn on the BS meter. 

There is a reason people aren't becoming "healthy"  -  it is because western ideals with eastern mindset is still not 'living healthy' = creating orgasm .... equalling the big bang = evolution

We need to step INTO ourselves more and understand what we are doing and importantly why!

WE NEED TO FEEL from all parts of our lives to be able to be whole.

The person I am is exciting and fun and wild and gentle and evolving ... the point is i am always my Self. Now in a world where 'Self' is over analysed and over (I loosely use the phrase) mechanically perfected ... being and finding orgasm is not always easy. There are gadgets and “healers” and god knows how’s many “self help” books out there to achieve but man to be honest the feminine orgasm is sooo freaking amazing and intrinsically attached to everything we have ever seen, touched, heard, tasted than ever before. It is because the feminine orgasm IS JOY OF EVERYTHING.

It’s always been quite a mystery to our opposite sex mates how the feminine can over and over and over again release our pure and ultimate joy through gentle tweaking of our buttons to allow this to happen.

The thing is ... IF we are thinking* ... we missed the boat, the shows over and we are left high dry and mate don’t come near us or we will loose our sh1t. You see this isn't about MAN and WOMAN this is about Feminine Orgasm and Masculine Orgasm.

You see if the true feminine is taken from her heart too often she turns wild, like a banshee and here we have Shakespeare’s example of “taming of the shrew” ...

You see the feminine is a fantastic being. Sexy, smart, able to make new life and well she can do most thing her masculine counterpart can but always in a different way.

The thing is we all need to feel orgasm to feel whole. We all need to feel orgasm from what we are engaging our senses* in or we start to have to use more external tools to make this happen ... which leads to 'faking it'. 

In a Patriarchal world where Matriarchal practises are being investigated and practised ... we need to understand why. 

The world is in a state of excess. We have unconscious greed as a default program. Moronity is outweighing intuition. We need to wake up ... we need to see that to get what we all want "a great big orgasm out of life" we need to subtle, delicate embodied beings.

“We need to feel Love charged pressure from the inside engine allowing it to explode in the outside world”

Our body is OUR engine needing to burn both a masculine and a feminine energy in balance to create pure power. After all why do you think there has been books about “zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” or “the monk who sold his fararri” all these are sharing a story but also making a blank straight out statement about how we have to maintain this body this vessel the awesome multi faceted being.

How do I "do" this may u ask ... well how long is a piece of a string and tell me how many times u checked ur phone ... and then we have an answer.

Seriously though - it’s different for each of us. It is always important to SLOW the phuk down.  When you are trying to 'release the banshee' with all that “push” ... again u miss the point. 

We need to feel gently into the boundaries of our bodies ... hence why it is healthy to have a functional movement practise which encourages YOU to push in to this safe boundary daily. 

Remember to have orgasm you have to feel safe in where you are at ... so what things in life are you doing that make you feel yuck instead of challenged - challenge is important for evolution. The point is to breakthrough we have to break something and if we are following someone else's model ... we will never find our true boundary and we will never feel true orgasm in life, with life, through life.


The key* is to feel into ur senses - sit and listen to ur surrounds, sit and watch animals for while, sit with your children and not ur tv and when they are really annoying u stop engaging with them and just let them be, let yourself witness the godly nature in everything ...

The key to orgasm is LESS is more. SLOWER the better. LIGHTER the more varying results.

Learn to live your life in ORGASM


xx love to you all


Art = Practise 

Seed = Heart

thinking = the act of 'faking it'

Key = secret

born that way = perfect soul

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