Why we all need Conscious Movement, Breath and stillness practises

I was just thinking about how important it is that we move consciously.

What does this mean? It means that when we do things from awareness, from a truly feeling space. We have the power to change the way things happen inside us and therefore affecting our outside world also.  

Why? because we are self similar beings. You know the saying “u are a product of your environment” or “you are a representation of the five people closest to you” these are all because modern science and understanding the symbolic messages left in generations past that has all been written, documented and proven as to why we need to do these kinds of practises. 

Who can benefit ? Well you to begin with ... as we all know the saying “when I was young I wanted to change the world, now I am wiser I changed myself” as when we change ourselves we actually (somewhat) consciously change the world around us. Let’s go on a mini adventure. 

So we are the conductor of our lives. Yes believe it or not we control everything - so next time u think something is sh1t or feel like you are hard done by .... then just REALLY take a look at what’s happening and I’m afraid to tell you - but I will as the truth prevails. That you make up your whole life. Each part, each piece and when u actually enjoy the learning in all parts and pieces of life then you begin to graduate from the lower levels of suffering and engage with the higher vibrations of freedom through patience, persistence and discipline do we then see why we need this physical practise to create change.  

Lets look at how. So when we minimalism the movement patterns and “conduct” conscious movement patterns then we change the energy being created inside our body. When we do this with awareness (slowing down, feeling, sitting with pain and processing it to release is = understanding) then we change the neuro paths that are happening in the body. When we change the language we speak to ourselves and then to others we change the music that your life is ringing. You see there is no mysteries in life - everything is clearly and blantently shown to us - if we pay attention. And that is the biggest universal joke to realise!  

So next time u “don’t know”, “can’t understand” feel helpless, lift your vision, raise your perspective, and see the world from not u being the puppet - rather u being the puppeteer  




Have good day!  


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