***Processing 'VIRTUE'***

  • The more emotion u put into the things u don't want to do - the less energy u have for the things u want to ... grow into being non reactive to the don't and engage from motivation to the Dos
  • The more push u put into something the more force u create, when u are in flow and in ur power there is no need to convince or turn the one to the power as power is there already
  • Fear driving strength is not strength at all but force, to really make change one may not use force but instead the very fact of 'being' creates inspiration that creates unity through power 


(After writing this I didn't know why the word virtue came through me - so I did a bit of research 😜)

when one says

"don't fall victim to virtue" the word 'virtue'

the meaning is don't fall victim to 'moral perfection' - as in we need to make mistakes to be a good human ....