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Hello Beautiful Human Being! This month I'd like to share with you 


 As of September 11th a regular 

SUNDAY 10am class (Hatha) at BODY ETHOS - Balmain

this is a gentle and therapeutically awesome practice where we will slowly move through postures with my Shiva Rea influence


FASCIA RELEASE - SATURDAY 17th September 1:30 - 3:30pm

WHO - if you have a body that suffers stress from intense sport, sedentary life, have had trauma in your life or suffer from pain

WHERE - Body Ethos 

1b Booth St, Balmain

BOOK - 9555 1600

or Body Ethos


read for yourself the results 

this is not a regular "massage" this is a physical, energetic and spiritual transformation

2 hrs of Massage gives you the time to relax, release and stretch into your every cell ... it works as the body will totally recalibrate as we move together. There isn't an exact sequence giving the body time to talk - it speaks pretty loud to me and we then work together to leave you feeling awesome! so do yourself (your friend or partner) a favour and feel great today

call for booking 0449 212 979



WHY? because lets face most things in this world are FAKE - yep edited to the BS till we create a reality that is sooooo far from achievable that you are left feeling un-everything! 

do you look in the mirror and go heres a spot theres a wrinkle?

i need to trim this or be that ? 

well this photography is for capturing the REAL YOU - in ALL YOUR BEAUTY .. these can be in any form you like - fashion, semi nudie or nude ... (I am aware this in itself can be daunting but let me share with you) 


My body image was far from positive - i covered it up and followed what others said was right for me instead of loving me for all of me ... to add to this over recent years I have been talking the talk of 'self love' and now I realise it was far from the living the full truth of my words at a cellular level - It was at a time in my life when my heart had been broken, and my tears were more common than my smiles and something had to shift ... I  sat in my room with a mirror (I had to start with the reflection of myself first as it felt too full on to have me nude for the direct camera) and I started taking pics of myself. I learnt to see the beauty that I am ...  It was such an amazing shift as I am now much healthier with my connections to myself and also others ... I would like to share this journey of self love and acceptance with anyone (or if you know anyone) who has issues with their body, their mind or life and would like to connect with the truth and the only thing that matters most YOU!!

see examples

If you would like to talk further about these shoots

I'm open to context ie mama/baba, significant other - I have a range of locations we work in so be your best self and LOVE YOURSELF 

call or email 0449 212 979 |


So be this September's News and may you continue being and radiate love,


Natty xx

do yourself a favour - discover urself!

do yourself a favour - discover urself!