TRUST and the everyday

This week the word that keeps coming up is TRUST ... 

We all have had our trust broken in our lives. Its only up to us when we decide to stop the suffering and actually TRUST. The power of trust isn't just the mental capacity  'I trust so and so' or 'I trust that the everything is going to be alright' ... it goes deeper ... waaaay deeper. It goes so deep ... into our DNA ... roll with me ... So when we trust ourselves fully (this takes practice) we have the potential to release the unconscious tension (old betrayal) that is pent up in our energy bodies and can be seen and felt in YES our physical bodies. We carry this hypertonicity through our DNA from our relatives and these in fact can be the things that are holding us back. We may not be aware of them, we may think that certain behaviours are actually our personalities ... but they may actually be old stories and mistrust that no longer serves us but is holding in our bodies and in fact our true self may be a totally different being! How cool is that?

HOW YOU SAY? We are energy, mere vibration.  We are taught to see ourselves as solid (sometimes too solid structures). Our lack of trust in our body may be the key that is holding that extra weight or creating poor relationship choices or preventing us from happiness - seriously ... because when we trust ourselves, our body simply follows what we believe in ... when we run our lives from a space of fear (conscious or unconscious) then have blockages (inflexibility in body mind and action)

CAN I DO THIS? yes you can ... through TRUST!  we have the tools, we sure have the ABILITY so lets shake this tension from this deep structure and re create our DNA through our thoughts, actions and understanding ... 

HOW DO I TRUST? sit with yourself and yes - breathe! I mean truly recharge yourself with true honest loving inhales, deep down into your base. Feeling the space and openness of your organs, bones, entire body and energy body. Breathe in the TRUST you truly believe in your heart. Exhale out all the suffering. You can turn on some beats (below) and practice the art of TRUST through breath. Do this on a regular basis and you will notice difference of how the world opens up to you physically, emotionally and energetically 

till next time 

peace! xx