New Moon Creativity


So i am not one to pay attention to one specific element. ie the moon, the weather, the stars, gosh even the financial climate ... but sometimes life throws you around (this is one of those weeks) and things happen and you're like "woow, ok universe, stop shaking me and what are you telling me ... "

Let me set the scene - every time I have looked at my phone this week it has been 11:11, 12:12, 17:17, 20:20 ... now i am no numerologist but like come on ... that is a pretty interesting phenomena. Well I have chosen to see this as 'I'm in perfect time with the universe' as this means I am to post the first of Life Refinement Therapies podcasts Woohoo! 

Now that is all well and lovely but as wise philosopher Alan Watts says "we live in a life of polarities" so theres other tid bits going on ... but lets not get gritty when we are sharing this joy right now (lets give it the credit it deserves) 

so I am sharing with you the virgin voyage of Life Refinement Therapies Podcasts. 

Please feel free to share, comment, email, or give me an old school call if you want to discuss anything further. 

Till next post!

Be Awesome!