Some Days Just Daze

Beauty is waking up

So today I was a funny day ... I woke up at the standard 4:29am but I couldnt get up ... usually I am all like "zang, get me to mediation land" but today ... I was like "that dream was way too wacky I gotta stay in dreamworld a bit longer and wake up again" so I did just that ... Now dreams are something I am going to share about today as they make NO SENSE to me ... tell me this - who put a bunch of sparkly bindis in patches on a hill to then be with a few of my good friends who then fall into them, waking only me up to be then in a sports car's back 'bench' seat, legs flailing in the air, holding a bag with a half fighting fish, half frog in it with my best mate driving. he then needing to park in a no stopping zone in some weird city?? 

GO FIGURE ... well somedays feel like this ... as in what am I doing? where am I going? ... So its days like this I go wow I need some A. reflection, B. Grounding. 

There are many ways we can ground and reflect and so I am going to share with you the Natty ways to do this ... 

1. take myself for a dip in the ocean ... if there is no ocean ... an epsom salt bath is awesome

2. stamp my feet

3. seat in 'yogi squat' for 5-10 mins and breathe into my base and see the breath spiral up and down my spine

3. eat 'rooted' vegies ie carrots, sweet potatoes, double make sure not to over eat and drink plenty of water

4. pay CLOSER attention to my words, sounds, actions and speak slowly! (this allows me to really 'check myself' and where I'm at. its much more tolerable for the ego to handle me telling myself im being a twat than my best gf or let alone a stranger)

I am totally the spirited sprite round so its fun to dance all up in the clouds - but its a long way to fall if you don't root yourself regularly ... and to be honest you can fly higher the more your ground down ;)

till next time!

live the light in you and see the light in each other!

peace! xx