My Fav Dish - Turmeric Dhal


I thought to post this here considering I believe food is medicine and well why not share my favourite recipe with you dear reader … as that is why i started this blog …

** the back story **

One of my favourite ingredient is Turmeric. This is because we all know or those who are not - do some research on the net, that there is many healing properties to this magic spice. This is why the Indians have been using it to flavour their food, colour their fabrics and make life awesome with it for thousands of years … I have also been nicknamed “turmeric” because it is yellow like the sun shining (me), and i use it as a healing method for many things … but let us stick to the food space for today.

Turmeric Dhal

you will need

  • Yellow Split Peas or Chana Dhal

  • Turmeric

  • Garlic

  • Fat (I like salted butter (so i do not need to add salt) or ghee or coconut oil)

  • Black Pepper

  • Cumin Seeds

  • Coriander Seeds

  • Bay leaves

  • Fresh Grated Ginger

  • Fresh Coriander Leaves

  • Butter Milk (or Coconut Cream)


Soak the Peas (if you have time) in water to soften them up. If not that is ok it just means you cook for longer and they tend to loose shape - which is fine. Place Butter (or fat of choice) in pan melt till warm on a low heat. Add cumin seeds and coriander seeds in to fat to open flavour, then add turmeric, garlic, ginger, pepper, (salt if you used coconut oil) and stir round till the scent smells warm. Add the moist peas and swoosh them around in the pan till all the spicy fat coats them real good :)

Add water about an inch over the peas and leave them on a medium temp to cook until soft …

Serve in a bowl and add buttermilk/ coconut cream to cool, lovingly garnish with coriander - SERVE UP

in my insta post it was actually left overs from the night before so i added


  • 2 eggs

  • 1/2 an avocado

  • flaxseed

  • some kind of fat for cooking


Spoon the dhal in a pan with some butter (or other fat) so it does not burn, crack the eggs and stir like you would scrambled eggs. Dish into a bowl, add avocado, garnish lovingly with coriander add flaxseeds for decoration and crunch



Monogamy - the one game

For many of us the word monogamy may bring up a few different feelings.

Some view it as vital others perhaps, an old fashioned obsolete way of being. Now over the years I have shifted my feelings towards this topic as I dive deeper in to the shadow nature of my being. With interesting results. You see - prior to the digging I was absolutely against monogamy. Seeing it as ‘outdated’ and a boring way of being - leading to narrow minded ways and mindsets … now well … allow me to explain.

Being a large character at life, I thrive on being around inspirational beings, hearing stories, sharing secrets and being real. Now many moons have past where I enjoyed learning about myself through others and sharing experiences together. Now being in a relationship where we are both very dynamic. We have chosen monogamy. This has allowed me to dig deeper into myself as I treasure the now time I have with myself and alone more than ever before.

Being with someone you love by being loyal to commitment presents all parts of me in front of me and the different style of relationships I need to have with myself. These previously “outsourced” to others … now learning to be there in the shadow with the body.

This in this way has allowed a strength internally to be realised.

When I stopped looking out for the ‘stimulation’ and turned it inward - phenomenal shifts happened. The external craving for attention, response, authentication, started to melt … Now I am no hero, I am experiencing life by living each day the way I feel I need to feel full of life … not with stuff and things - here now with light, compassion, patience finding peace in all that I being thrown, catching the lessons rather than fighting the futile competition of living … we are here to be in communion with one another … yet stand tall alone


Love and Sunshine

natty xx

Remember if you want a chat I am always here to call to discuss any ideas or thoughts that may be interrupting your view or outlook <3

Mountains and Mantra

I LOOOOOVE the break of the day.

The colours, the smells, the sounds, the feeling of the cold earth beneath the soles of the feet ... all play a magical part to WAKING UP ... yes yes I am aware it is not for everyone ... and neither is Vegemite/Marmite or what ever vitamin rich yeast product you culture makes ... so if you are interested in playing more ... read on ... 

Mantra - ah vibration ... what we all came from ... what we loose when we pass through our body into the next breath of living. Why should I do this - ah that is simple ... you want to improve your mental physical creative health ? 


Why ? the clinical research behind this practise is It moves blockages from the whole body - what are blockages ... pain, bacteria, disease, calcifications, inflammations - the list goes on. 

What ? mantra is the repetition of certain "seed sounds" that their frequency resonate changing the structure of our DNA and RNA (advanced practice). 

Who ? anyone can mantra - just look at you humming those lyrics to the song on the radio ... why not make those vibrations of "song" mean something ... = natural medical health

Where am I going with this ... 


Now I share health as my passion. I have dedicated my whole life to health in some form ... 

growing up in a household with western medicine as the keystone to our family busy ness for the mother a general practitioner and the father a veterinary surgeon we became very hands on in their practices. Learning much from the mini witness' to their trades ...

It has taken me over 25 years to develop who I am and what cellular health issues I have healed through these practises and now I am boldly standing in my mountain posture and sharing more with those whom are willing to grow, evolve for reLOVEution!


love and sun shining 

natty xx


Heart Surgery for the Mind

It is with great humility I would like to share the first (of many) publication I will make through the community whom are Life Refinement Therapies. 

Let me give you the beef. This is a book I have been working on since I was 8 years old. It started as just a box full of diaries and me 10 years ago saying "I am going to write a book". At that time it was called "a lady at the table, a chef in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom" sharing many stories of my life already lived and how I began to understand the lies and bull sheet that the world served me thus far ... as I grew a little into my spine, felt into my nervous system - I recognised that THAT book ... was far from going to be written. Then last year I got married The book had not been written, hence deciding 'it is time'. With the decision made, euro summer of 2017 I would write a book at my husbands house in a small village in Hungary. 

As all good stories go ... that did not happen.

What did happen ... I went on the trip, found connection and healing with my family ... again. Spending days connecting communicating our deep worries and pains, repaired more of the deep unconscious ancestral suffering that we carried through our family, travelled to many countries as old friends desired to connect and were willing to carry me, here I wrote a book ... oh yeah ended up getting divorced.  

So fast forward 1 year later (almost to the date) now I published this book ... it is far from the average book as it

A. breaks all the graphic design rules

B. is written with motivational and inspiring quotes, one liners and anequdotes to make it simple to read

C. it can be flicked and clicked to allow you semi scroll through the book. 

So what is it about ... it is a monkey mind blower heart expanding adventure of the first 34 years of my life. Meant to bring to the realisation that - we are all just a little different when we peel the onion of society, family and self hate ... here lays our golden egg - an expansive heart and more importantly an OPEN MIND. 

If you feel to support me by purchasing this book ... THANK YOU as all proceeds will fund my next trip to share more yogic philosophy, medically tested body wisdom and some laughs or perhaps a few cry.


peace love and rainbows 


DIGITAL ADVENTURE BOOK - Heart Surgery For the Mind

This is a book of the past 34 years of learning.

This is a book of the lessons, adventures, wise cracks and deep heart changing moments that created LIFE REFINEMENT THERAPIES as a life long vocation of sharing.

This book has been written in metaphor, rhyme, anecdote with affirmations to melodically travel your mind in to deeper feeling patterns.

May you read this book page by page or find some comfy space and melt away time and travel on the journey that is ‘Heart Surgery for the Mind’

<3 natty

The price is set as that of attending a yoga class**


natty xx

Unwind the Mind Phuk

so I can barely believe my life at times! From working so many years on my own self worth I am now faced with the challenge of being that person. Being that person who i beloved since I was given this body! It was thrown around and bashed into society but it was suffering! It was in pain! It was hell!

Now the pain is different! It is not ouchy anymore .... I have been and will keep doing the work ... the work to let go of the mind Phuk - that bullsheet meter that clicks on when I turn out to the world of “made up” that Babylon that makes me feel like being lion! I am gentle I am graceful with a huge army of love buckets with me! As we all realised since the hippies in the 70s we are the next generation helping those out who feel and being strong for all of us! Phuk I can barely believe how much experience I am faced with when I let go of all those things I thought mattered .... I let go of labels - heck those who come to class with me know I can’t remeber your names -but your faces, your emotions I feel them and I feel for you! Everyday I wake up and thank the sun I am alive! I thank god I am god! As are we all, tiny little Buddha’s having this human experience. The more I feel into being the mentor of my little people the more love I see - the truth that we are one, but we are many! And from all the lands on earth we come! We share a dream! And sing with one voice .... I am you are we are Australian!  Welcome to the Golden Age kids .... take a look around! Take what you need to support the little guy inside running the show! Be aware I am here to talk to, be support, be open structured guidance for you. It’s not about money! It’s about being a space holder for you to feel safe! I can not change or help you! I can show you how to help yourself! And if you need me I am here!  

Love to all living beings alive this round!! 



Call me x

A moment to Mark

Todays reflection is that of growth, that of prosperity and that of love.

For here we see I feel that it is the safest place to exist and the best place to move forward.

Over the past week I have engaged myself in a few new fears. It has been an awesome experience to witness myself in the space of fear and gently coax myself through it ... with pleasing results. 

You see the best part of breakthrough is that you actually break through something and on the other side is absolute joy or a better direction to move to .... so in saying this it is a sure way to feel better. 


Personally, I began a course. When the course is complete I will share the reflection.


Today I completed the editing of the published version of the book I have been working on for a lifetime now. It has been a awe breaking task that is finally ready to share. The great appreciation for the practise of writing, organising, reflecting, digesting and sharing with love has allowed humility and courage to be my guides. 


Allowing space to breathe, moments to reflect, making time to organise oneself gives greater gifts than anyone else offer through service. The act of self service is one to be honoured, respected and encouraged as the external world can tend bend our concept of the time we have to feel into our truths.

here I share with you one of my practises to help hear the little voice inside on how to move into our BIG DREAMS!  



[ratio: 1:2+] 

Enjoying the art of Slowing Down, 


natty xx

Addiction - Why has it been cursed ?

There is something that I dont understand in the world conversation and that is - why people make this really negative about "people dropping one addiction for another" when they talk about people changing ... I mean isnt it good that someone is passionate about something enough to be so focused on making it be apart of their lives till it sometimes kills them ... Isnt it subjective to the reader to what is "good and bad"  

I mean the truth in it all is ... passion|addiction is direct focus on thing and I feel in a world with so many options it is safer to be "addicted" to something than flitting around on the surface of all kinds of options trying to find the right combination or not really understanding what is the essence of the actions and subjects one is interested in ... 

I feel as the days turn and I change a hell of a lot ... but my addiction to understand things will drive me till the day I die to keep exploring. Whether it is a new hobby, a new craft, a new dish, or simply a different daily routine ... it is important to pick out what makes you tick and work out WHY you tick from that ... or why you use it to suppress the brilliance of you lustre. 

I say let us praise our addictions because if it is something we can not openly praise with those important to us - then we should at look at what we are addicted to ... cause as a social being we need to be able to share ALL OF US with those we choose.

Lets be healthy addicts to life, learning and loving our selves fully ... 

next topic - SELFISH and why I believe it is the key to be the best teacher and the way to master your student self ... 

Refine Your Life Now

Why ?  

Because you deserve the best | You deserve to be your true self | You deserve to look after yourself with care and compassion | You deserve to feel okay with what ever is going on by having a opportunistic perspective | You deserve understanding through clarity of your stuff | You deserve to grow up | You deserve to acknowledge all of yourself and worth | You deserve to let your nervous system chill out and stop |  

How ?  

Come to the Warehouse for Class | Call for a Foot Scrub | Call for Full Body Scrub and Oil | Call for a Mind Reframing Session | Call for a 2 hr Massage | Call for an Body Alignment  | 

When ? 

NOW is a better time than any

Where ?  

Sessions in Austinmer (Oceana Pde)  

Classes in Bulli (Warehouse 2-6 Molloy St, Bulli)  


You | Yourself | All of You  


Love to see you soon 




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