Alan Watts 

A truth be told by the all important Alan Watts <3


sit down or lay down, feel into your breath

... begin to breathe into this idea ... 

Blond:ish - It Starts Now feat Alan Watts

Alan Watts is great inspiration for us in our age ... lift your perspective and sit with this ...

Lucidity - Kinobe

perspective helps us understand things we may find difficult to perceive ... 

Alan Watts

Self Love is Imperative for Growth - listen to Alan explain some beauties to assist you in loving all ...


Anodea Judith has been a great inspiration to a lot of my understanding of the chakras. Watch this to learn more about these nerve plexus' that make us up



This four part series gives a great understanding to the world we live in and allows us to see through history, art and culture the messages of the signs, symbols and geometry helps us understand our selves as self similar organisms ... <3


ZEITGEIST - who is driving your belief system


Bruce Lipton - Mind Over Matter

Bruce Lipton has been an inspiration for me for a number of years. He writes a great book on the biology of belief ... this clip is another great moment of his ;)


This is a great documentary on how society is trying to control your mind and create the feeling of never being enough by making you a consumer ... learn how to wake up from the illusion and take back your power ...