Natty, is nicknamed “sunshine mama” through her walkabouts across the globe.

Rightly so, she shares our light into even the darkest of situations. Very practical and a lover of all beings, Natty’s multicultural background has led her on an adventurous life, travelling around parts of the world. Her Hungarian heritage has guided her through interesting circumstances, lessons in culture, language and communication from an exotic view point. Her intuitive skills and open-heart allow her to relate to most. She inspires these through her waggish manner about life's lessons bringing understanding through connection.

Her passion for fascia - understanding the connective tissue - has lead her on this journey of recalibrating her whole body through self-massage, trauma release work and breath techniques. Natty shares wisdom of body awareness using prana vinyasa yoga based movement, meditation principles, longevity through balanced lifestyle choices, decluttering of all our life spaces through practical personalised sessions.

Her studies in traditional yoga, philosophy, Chinese meridian therapy, trauma release therapy, fascia, massage, clinical hypnotherapy, photography, office administration, hospitality, and interior decoration alchemise as

'Life Refinement Therapies'

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